Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The dog food controversy


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Monday, October 5, 2009

The How-To's of Crate training

Are you thinking of getting a puppy or maybe you already have one. The first thing you need to do, well, after loving it till it pucks, is getting it crate trained as soon as possible.
My suggestion for a crate is one that is large enough for your puppy to stand comfortably and turn completely around in. If you get one to small it will be uncomfortable for them and if it is too large they will potty in it anyway. The purpose of crate training is so that they understand with fewer accidents on your carpet, that there is a place for them to go potty and believe it or not the crate becomes their safe haven when you are gone.
I would make sure there are no sharp edges or plastic from packaging in it and then put in a baby blanket or towel so your puppy has something soft to lay on. If you like you can add a chew toy, preferably one they cannot chew up because you don't want the little guy (or girl) to choke on a piece while you are away. You can buy teething toys at most pet stores.
The next step is getting him use to his new home. Open the door and let him sniff around. If he doesn't go in put him in gently. Now take him out and it is time to go outside, In my expierience letting your puppy walk outside with your assistance is best it seems to take longer to train them if they are carried. If he potties great if not try again in a little while. You should stay out with your puppy for about twenty minutes or so especially after eating, upon waking and after playing. If the puppy is not doing one of these things he should be in his crate with the door closed.
The first few days he will probably whine and cry remember this little guy just left his warm family so he isn't going to like being alone, but unless you know you are going to have this pup with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week there will be times he wil be alone so lets make sure he is safe. Put the crate in a place that is where it will stay, don't move it around when you rearrange the furniture it will only confuse him.
First thing in the morning open the crate and it is time to go outside, DO NOT STOP FOR COFFEE FIRST I guarauntee he will pee before you get a cup poured so straight outside for twenty minutes or more. When he is done praise him like you are a crazy two year old and he has a choclate doughnut for you. The more you praise him the more he will want to please you again.
It is time to feed him, let him eat and drink with in ten minutes after he is finished, outside again, follow the same routine as earlier.
If you are going to be home you can either play now or put him in the crate. Don't put him down on the floor and go clean house or run errands he won't know what to do. He will get into a lot less mischief in his crate than chewing on the TV electrical cord.
Like I said before if he is not EATING, PLAYING OR GOING POTTY he should be in his crate. It works but you have to remain consistant.